Beauty Marks on Faceups – Facial Chart

August 30, 2013 15:25 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

A lady on Recast BJD Haven fb group shared a similar photo to this one – it identifies moles, or beauty marks, on the face. She thought it would be helpful for people who wanted to have a mark added to a faceup.. and easy way to explain just where to put it. Someone else commented that they have had piercings in a few of these locations as well.

Next time you’re commissioning a faceup for your doll, and you want beauty mark (or three) or a piercing, share this chart with them and give them your number.

Beauty Marks, or Moles, Facial Chart

Beauty Marks, or Moles, Facial Chart

Here’s another chart on Sew Crafty BJD – Facial Beauty Marks, Moles Chart

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