What is a Recast BJD?

July 29, 2012 15:32 pm · 8 comments

by ResinMuse

Recast vs Legit

Resin Comparison – Recast vs Legit

The ball-jointed doll hobby of much to learn.  Not only do you have to learn what all the sizes mean, but also company to company… and even within a size range, the sizing can differ.

So, it’s not surprising that adding Recast to the mix can leave many scratching their heads.

A recast resin bjd is an exact copy of a company doll, but not made by that company.  A person, or group, buys different company dolls.  They then take the dolls apart and create molds.. Then, the resin is poured into those molds,  resulting in a doll that looks like a legit company doll, but isn’t.

This has been going on for… well, forever.  It is nothing new to the bjds either.. it’s been around from cars, to electronics, to clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, and food even.. and yes, the well-known music industry.  You may think you’ve never purchased a knock off and maybe you haven’t, but I’m willing to bet most people have at some, knowingly or not used, worn, played with, listened to, eaten a ‘knock off’ / copy of something.

Part of the dislike (what I think of as ‘fear’) of recast is the worry over the second-hand market.. is the doll I’m purchasing a legit company doll?  Or am I paying an inflated price for a copy?  Definitely a legitimate concern and no good solution has come to date.  I sold my recast rheia and clearly marked in many places that she was recast.

Are recast really that good, can you be fooled?  Oh yes.  They definitely are that good.  They weren’t always, but many are now.

I’ve only owned two – and have a third in the process.. The resin texture, coloring and weight have been very similar and not noticeably different.  I noticed a few places on the insides that were not sanded as smoothly as the legit company dolls I own… to be fair, I’ve had company dolls that have had their own issues and have seen many others, some arriving with cracks, broken parts, missing parts, full set clothing that doesn’t fit.

Want a specific color?  Most recasters can do several different colors of resin (extra cost involved) – this adds a whole new possibility to a hybrid doll and who will match.

Turnaround time is currently amazingly fast, compared to a legit company doll.

Is this hurting the legit companies.  I can’t know for sure, and I don’t think many others can either (we can all assume one way or the other, of course).  But china is known for making copies of just about anything and everything.  Most of the legit company dolls are from Asian Countries.  It’s my belief the legit doll companies are even more aware of this, and the likelihood of it happening sooner than it dawned on many of us hobbyists.  It’s been going on for years in the bjd hobby and only recently have any of the doll companies come out with letters (which, btw, alerted many people to the underworld of recast when they’d never heard it before) about the recast.. again, it’s my belief they did this to stop the influx of messages from people trying to alert them to the ‘issue’ (really, people.. you really didn’t think they were already aware of it?).

Regardless, recast is an option for some and frowned upon by others, but they are here and I don’t see them going away.. not any time soon.. if ever.

I still purchase company dolls, but I also buy recast.  I’ll always be honest about which of my dolls are recast, and which are legit.  My dolls don’t mind… I’ve got too many ‘real life’ worries that I don’t waste worries on recast.



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Fakie March 25, 2013 at 11:11 am

I just bought and am awaiting my first recast. I bought her second hand and I am wondering if recasts age differently than legit dolls? I understand the recasts are made of different kind of resin. I have an older legit doll from 2005 and has noticeable but even yellowing. I also have a 2010 legit doll with no yellowing.


ResinMuse March 25, 2013 at 11:29 am

As far as I’m aware, the recast dolls are make with the same quality resins that doll companies use. Poor resin quality and claims of “toxic” resins are two of the biggest miss-information that anti-recast people like to tell. Fact is, *all* resin can be toxic – if you’re going to do any mod work on a resin doll you need to read up on the precautions you need to take for your safety. Spraying MSC without a mask is more dangerous than playing with a resin doll, recast or otherwise.

As for yellowing. I don’t know. There are many factors that create yellowing. If you keep your doll out of sunlight, you minimize the chances of Yellowing.

I recommend treating a recast doll no differently than a legit doll and it should be fine.


Kiba June 11, 2013 at 8:07 pm

I’m planning on buying a recast soon as my first bjd, mainly because I can’t afford the $700 price tag on the original, I would like to know if you have and recommendations for a beginner with dolls, Also I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about recasts and was happy to hear that someone thinks the same way I do, because if I could pull the money together for an original I would, but it’s impossible for me at this time.


ResinMuse June 11, 2013 at 8:29 pm

Kiba, you are definitely not alone. Regardless of your reason for considering a recast, there are many others who have recast too. I buy both recast and legit. I have recast fairyland and I have legit fairyland – and I have ordered the new minifee they just came out with.

I’m not sure what you need recommendations for? If you’d like to join a friendly recast community, please check out our Recast BJD Haven on Facebook. Some people have recasts, some don’t.. we allow all bjd and we’re a steadily growing community with no drama. If you’re not comfortable with that sort of group, you can keep an eye on our sister site – Recast BJD Haven for info on who has what dolls, reviews and more.


F.U October 20, 2013 at 10:33 am

Excuse me but what you’re doing is ILLEGAL. These dolls sculpt are not recaster’s but apparently it doesn’t bother them to make money on them! This is seriously disgusting


Betty November 3, 2013 at 7:07 am

Hey there, um I want to buy a bjd doll for my birthday, and I’ve chosen one, it’s a CherryCastel doll called Qianxiaxi and I found her on eBay so I don’t know if she is a recast or not, I’ll give you the link and maybe you could help me figure out if shes a recast or not! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cherry-Castel-1-4-girl-super-dollfie-size-bjd-Qianxiaxi-Free-make-up-wig-eyes-/290939911859?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43bd5ebeb3
Thanks x


Elise November 13, 2013 at 1:50 am

What are all the way that you can tell a “legit” doll from a recast? :) Or at least some of them. Thanks!


openeyes January 24, 2015 at 2:11 pm

I just bought a recast…hubby has been wanting a bjd forever, we found an
“affordable” one and even tho it said recast, I didn’t really understand what it meant….however after even more research about bjd , now I know….if I purchase again it will be a legit…. still waiting for her to arrive.

copying happens often…I deal in dolls and have had so many of my original ideas copied, right down to the purchasing the exact materials. it’s not fair, but it happens.


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