Sewing Patterns for Minifee

January 1, 2012 13:48 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

I love Fairyland’s Minifee a-line body. Both the girls and the boys are well made, and beautifully shaped.

Here’s a compilation of sewing patterns for your minifee (or other similarly built slim-mini bjd).

Liberty Jane has patterns for a couple different sized dolls. Here are some patterns for Ellowyne Wylde with also fit minifee great. Tees and Tanks – some free, some $$

Magalie Houle Dawson offers patterns for a variety of doll sizes also. Here are her Ellowyne Wylde patterns which fit minifee. $$

GraceFaerie Designs offers lots and lots of patterns for sizes yo-sd to sd. There isn’t any real easy way to go through the patterns to view just the ones for a specific size. They are listed on her site in the order of when they were made. I’d like to see a better option for sorting, but until that happens, check out the sizing guide – if you scroll down, you’ll see patterns listed for size – unfortunately, they aren’t linked directly to (at this time) the pattern… not the best web layout, imo, but the patterns are lovely. Gracefaerie Patterns Sizing $$

Here are patterns for Delilah Noir – another good fit for minifee. The patterns are free, but note that they don’t allows sales of finished items from their patterns. free

A pattern for a unoa swimsuit, could be used for dress top, panties, etc. May need slight adjustments for minifee. The website this pattern belongs to is gone, but the credit remains on the pattern. Free

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