About Me

I got my first resin bjd in 2010. It seems forever ago and I blame that on my “revolving door”. I’ve had many different dolls and when they aren’t a good long-term fit here, they move on. If I had more expendable income, I’d likely have kept each doll. I’m not sure if that would be a good thing or not. ;)

Places I visit (doll-related), some more regularly than others:
Den of Angels — NOT recast friendly, Great Resources
CastawayDolls — RECAST friendly forum (as well as other dolls; blythe, pullip, mlp)

I am “recast friendly”.. want to know more about recast bjd or where to go to share them?  Here’s my page on Recast Friendly bjd.

Those are easily my favorite places to visit, post, share.