Supiadoll Double-jointed Body Measurements

June 17, 2013 15:33 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

SupiaDoll Girls – SD size  Double-Jointed Measurements:

SupiaDoll Double-jointed
Height 61cm
Neck 9cm
Shoulder 8cm
Arm Length 23cm includes hand
Wrist 5.5cm
Bust 24cm – large bust
Waist 17.5cm
Hips 25.5cm
Leg Length 31cm includes feet
Ankle 7cm
Foot 6.7cm

SD dolls are also called 1/3. They vary is size from about 55cm to 70cm.

SDgr Female Body Measurements

June 11, 2013 13:22 pm · 5 comments

by ResinMuse

Monica and I both saving to buy a recast Volks SDgr Lorina.  She’s such a pretty girl. This will the first in this size, for each of us..

Finding this girls measurements has proven almost impossible.  Thankfully, someone on the Recast Haven facebook group was willing to help us out.

Thanks goes to Ebby for taking the time to measure and write out the measurements for me.

Volks SDgr Female
Height 58cm
Head 8/9 or 9/10 (Lorina)
Eyes 16 or 18mm
Neck 8.5cm
Shoulder 8.75cm
Arm length 18cm
Wrist 5.25cm
Bust 22.75cm
Waist 16cm
Hips 24cm
Leg Length 26cm (inseam)
Thighs 14cm
Calf 10cm
Ankle 7cm
Foot 6.5 / 7.25 (heeled)
Foot width  2.5cm

Here are some comparison photos of the SDGr girl and an F60, posted on Amaranth’s Castaway:

SDgr Girl and Feeple 60 Girl Comparison Part 1

SDgr vs Feeple 60 Comparison Part 2