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Recast BJD Haven Forum New Marketplace

November 15, 2015 12:46 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

We are excited to announce we have finally opened a Marketplace on the Recast BJD Haven Forum!

Come join us! We’re a friendly recast community, legit always welcome.


Recast BJD Haven – New Forum

November 17, 2014 14:12 pm · 1 comment

by ResinMuse

Recast BJD Haven, new forum

Recast BJD Haven, new forum

Recast BJD Haven facebook community closed last spring. The subsequent group Resin BJD Haven was shut down last week, by facebook for ‘copyright infringement’. The quick group we put back up, was removed shortly thereafter.

We decided not to do another group on facebook because of the limitations we’d have on their network. Instead we’ve opened a forum. This is a Recast Community, legits, as always, are welcome.

Join us there!

Beauty Marks on Faceups – Facial Chart

August 30, 2013

A lady on Recast BJD Haven fb group shared a similar photo to this one – it identifies moles, or beauty marks, on the face. She thought it would be helpful for people who wanted to have a mark added to a faceup.. and easy way to explain just where to put it. Someone else […]

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Finished – Dyed Synthetic Mohair bjd Wig

July 20, 2013

I used the FW Ink and Alcohol method to dye a white blonde wig. How to Dye a Synthetic Mohair Wig I let it dry in the house, and it only took a few hours, but I soaked it again before I went to bed to get some spots I’d missed. Rinsed the wig until […]

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Recast BJD Sales Group – It’s Open

June 24, 2013

This week Recast BJD Haven hit 1200 members! Aaaand, we’re still about a month off from our First Year Anniversary (it’s July 27th, in case you’re wondering).  I still look at our membership and shake my head it shock and wonder.  Monica and I never even considered we’d grow like this – but I’ve said […]

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