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Recast MNF Rheia

Recast ball-jointed dolls (bjd) have caused a lot of negative feelings within the bjd communities.  It can be confusing and difficult to figure out the ‘wheres’ and ‘hows’ of what they’re about, how to get one and where you share. Here is a compilation of forums, groups and communities who are accepting and friendly of recast dolls.

Information Updated February 19, 2013

Recast BJD Haven – Our Facebook Recast Community is friendly.  We have many knowledgeable members who are willing and able to answer questions.
– If you have any concerns about owning recast, consider creating an alias account until you feel more comfortable.

RecastBJD – a Flickr Recast Community – a picture group for sharing photos of recast.
– you’ll need to request membership.

Closing – Recast BJD Forum — This community is being closed, Please visit our Facebook Recast Community, or the Castaway forum. The intention is to have an easy to use forum for finding information about Recast bjd; a place where post count isn’t needed and where you can easily find the answers you are searching – We’re also happy to answer questions.

Recast BJD yahoo group – A private YahooGroup, requires membership approval. The difference for this Recast Community is it can be primarily EMAIL based. So if you like getting messages in your inbox, this is a good option – This group has a small member base and very little messages.

NEW Google Plus Recast BJD Haven – G+ groups have a little bit more ability for customizing the groups. This is new, but we think it will make a great platform especially for those wanting to do “hangouts” (video chats). Of course, regular posting, picture sharing and questions go on here too.

Another forum to look into, and was one of the first in the USA to be recast friendly, is – it is not only a recast friendly forum, but also allows Blythe, Pullip, Fashion Dolls, Barbie, Action Figures and even My Little Pony.

Please note, I am a member of castaway but it is not associated with our groups (though many are members of both). We highly recommend joining it though – it’s got a lot of great information, a marketplace and worth the time. Just read and follow their rules closely.

It’s understandable that some people will choose to keep their identity and associations with recasts a secret and because of this, I expect each of these groups to go slow at the start. That’s ok. It will give each group time to learn as it gains membership. For the forum hosted here at ResinMuse, if you are concerned, we encourage you to use a different username /alias until you feel more comfortable.

Updated to include some Friendly Recast BJD Sales groups:

There are places you can sell recast bjd or parts.

Here are a few recast bjd sales communities. If you admin/mod a group that allows sales of recasts, please leave a comment.

BJD Yard Sale:

BJD World Sales: Accessories & Commissions:

Castaway forum has a marketplace, but you need a minimum post count of 50 to access it:

Flickr Recast BJD group – you can add sales pics of your recast dolls only (no clothing/accessories):