Recast Drama

The original information on this page has been relocated, please see Recast BJD Harassment.

There is much drama surrounding Recast Ball-jointed dolls. However, much of it ends up being focused on a few individuals at a time, or towards some groups.. even when it’s directed at a group, under the guise of ‘informing’ about the illegal nature of recast dolls.

For information on the legalities of Recast, visit Recast BJD FAQ.

Harassment and Bullying or Cyber Stalking are crimes.  Don’t allow someone to harass you over your dolls.

Here are a few of the more interesting reads around recast drama – much of it has been directed at myself and our FB group.


Violence against Recast

Recast BJD Harassment

Recast, Trademark, Copyright

False Ammunition – Leading to Harassment

Seorin Head Thread

Harassment, Counterfeit and Ball Jointed Dolls

Another post on Drama


The Recast Drama category here, will show you more information on harassment and bullying.

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Kendra June 29, 2013 at 4:48 am

I’ve been looking for a site to join that’s against bullying recast owners. Legal or not,immoral or not,no one has the right to bully and stalk you because you own a recast.


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