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Beauty Marks on Faceups – Facial Chart

August 30, 2013 15:25 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

A lady on Recast BJD Haven fb group shared a similar photo to this one – it identifies moles, or beauty marks, on the face. She thought it would be helpful for people who wanted to have a mark added to a faceup.. and easy way to explain just where to put it. Someone else commented that they have had piercings in a few of these locations as well.

Next time you’re commissioning a faceup for your doll, and you want beauty mark (or three) or a piercing, share this chart with them and give them your number.

Beauty Marks, or Moles, Facial Chart

Beauty Marks, or Moles, Facial Chart

Here’s another chart on Sew Crafty BJD – Facial Beauty Marks, Moles Chart

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Minifee Moe Line – Resin Colors

August 24, 2013 13:59 pm · 3 comments

by ResinMuse

I love my Fairyland Minifee Moe line her. She is definitely a favorite.

Ashley has 3 of them (envy!).

Fairyland Normal, S/L Tan (r), FL Tan

Fairyland Normal, S/L Tan (r), FL Tan

The normal resin on left and the dark tan on right are both legit dolls from Fairyland. The m-line girl in the middle is a recast in Steven and Luo’s tan resin. They are all gorgeous colors.

Photo courtesy of ALynnRucker.

Recast Littlefee Lewi

March 30, 2013

I rehomed my littlefee Rolly last year.. and my tan recast Luna.  I’ve decided I don’t really like the tan resin for myself.  I think the color is gorgeous, I love many other peoples tan ball jointed dolls, company or recast.. but I just don’t love it for myself. I realized though, that I do […]

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How to Search TaoBoa

March 2, 2013

This is a list of search terms for ball joint dolls. It goes with the other articles about shopping Taobao, by Issy Fawcett a great article she created for our Recast BJD Haven Facebook group. Over time, she started coming across more terms to search for ball jointed dolls, and eventually divided the articles to […]

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Chinese Communication: The Importance Of Being Concise

March 1, 2013

Ordering ball-jointed dolls direct from sellers in China leaves us all scratching our heads from time to time. We know they use a translator to understand some of our messages, and we use translators to make sure what we’re saying makes sense. Tinker Jet has written the following article to help us with the communication […]

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