Recast BJD Haven Forum New Marketplace

November 15, 2015 12:46 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

We are excited to announce we have finally opened a Marketplace on the Recast BJD Haven Forum!

Come join us! We’re a friendly recast community, legit always welcome.


Taobao Group Order 01 Here!

April 29, 2013 13:48 pm · 1 comment

by ResinMuse

Monica ran a Group Order (GO) for doll clothing/accessories from Taobao. She organized the whole thing, but I drove over and helped divide, organize and box up each order. It was a lot of fun…

We’re planning to run more GO’s, and this time gave us many ideas on how to divvy the process between the two of us better. Looking forward to more packing get-together’s with Monica at the awesome Coffee shop near her.

Real Puki Soso on Big Taobao box

Soso on Big Taobao box

Opened Taobao Box - so many goodies!

Opened Taobao Box – so many goodies!

Our work space at Coffee shop

Our work space at Coffee shop

Great fun!

Printable mini books – tiny bjd size

February 8, 2013

Sized for 1/6th size dolls or as paperback size for 1/4 (msd / slim mini). I recommend printing on heavier weight paper (rather than regular printer paper). I am using 67# weight. Sheet one – 11 books – gif Sheet one – 11 books – pdf Sheet two – 19 books – gif Sheet two – 19 […]

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Recast / Bootleg Negativity

August 26, 2012
Legit vs Recast resin bjd

When I first heard of the availability of recast bjd, I was curious.. Here are some of the negative points of these taboo resin dolls. They are poor quality. (1) The resin is toxic and/or smells bad. (2) Buying a recast is stealing from the artist. (3) (1)Quite honestly, this has not bee the case, […]

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bjd Interactive Comparisons

August 14, 2012

People are always asking for comparisons of different dolls. I came across a nice program with many, many dolls.. with more dolls being added over time. I found a really nice website with many, many dolls, called Comparison Heaven. It’s an interactive site where you can check to see how much bigger an MSD is […]

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