DOA – Banned – Recast and Reaction (video)

September 8, 2013 23:50 pm · 3 comments

by ResinMuse

Periodically, someone will post in Recast BJD Haven about being banned from Den of Angels – the one time be-all place for ball jointed dolls.

Why are they getting banned?
It’s usually something to do with recast. But, DoA doesn’t seem to give the person much more explanation than that.. so it makes it hard to figure out what’s happened and why.

I have known of people in the past who have posted pics of recast, laughing about ‘getting one over on doa‘.  And when they were banned? They were upset and insisted they didn’t do anything wrong.  One person was banned for having the name of their recast doll in their profile “Doll Family” section.. this seems really petty, but it’s part of DoA’s rules and if you break them you run the risk of losing your account. Their forum, their rules.

Regardless of what I have been told, or may know of ‘behind the scenes’, many people feel that DoA is not banning just from rules broken on their forum, but that people are being reported for recast activity outside of doa.

Here is one video on the matter of DoA and Recast bannings.  Thanks to Chris for sharing this with us.
(Below the video, see DoA’s rules on what can get you banned in regards to recast.)


DoA’s Zero-Tolerance Recast Rules:

DoA has a zero-tolerance policy if we discover you are engaged in these activities on DoA. What do we mean by “zero-tolerance”? We mean that as soon as we have evidence confirming your illegal activity, we will permanently ban you from DoA. You will never be given an opportunity to reinstate your DoA membership at any future date.

We would like to remind everyone of the recasting/bootlegging activities that can get you permanently banned:

  • posting images of your illegal doll on DoA
  • listing your illegal doll or dolls in your DoA profile or signature
  • attempting to buy, sell or trade your illegal doll in the Marketplace
  • attempting to solicit sales of your illegal doll on DoA
  • acting as a sales representative on DoA for a business selling illegal dolls
  • sending unsolicited communications (spam) to one or more members through DoA’s private messaging (PM) system

DoA will never take this matter lightly. Recasts and bootlegs are illegal. Recasting and bootlegging are illegal. If we find you have engaged in any of the actions listed above, you will receive a permanent, full-forum ban.


Been banned? Worried about being banned? Don’t care one way or the other?

Maybe things will Quiet down some..

August 17, 2013 19:42 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

Thought this worth sharing, hopefully this will be the last of dramas around recast (We can hope, right?). I feel it worthy of sharing if for no other reason than to offer reassurance to any of our followers who have still had a niggling of worry.

Side note: In my last post dealing with this issue, a reply was made that my blog had been forwarded to G.’s lawyer. I just want to let everyone know that, as yet, I have not heard anything from him. If this changes, I’ll post about it.

Now, I’m hoping everyone can get back to just enjoying their dolls, each other and being encouraging/supportive.

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