Recast BJD Haven – New Forum

November 17, 2014 14:12 pm · 1 comment

by ResinMuse

Recast BJD Haven, new forum

Recast BJD Haven, new forum

Recast BJD Haven facebook community closed last spring. The subsequent group Resin BJD Haven was shut down last week, by facebook for ‘copyright infringement’. The quick group we put back up, was removed shortly thereafter.

We decided not to do another group on facebook because of the limitations we’d have on their network. Instead we’ve opened a forum. This is a Recast Community, legits, as always, are welcome.

Join us there!

Recast dolls – Luo’s new BJD shop

July 20, 2014 23:01 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

I haven’t been buying much lately (aside from two legit dolls I’ve recently purchased)… so I haven’t been keeping up with what’s available recasted.

Have you been curious about buying recast bjd and not sure how to do it? There are a few ways to order, but I’ve heard many people say it’s too confusing or that they’re intimidated by all the information. Maybe this will help. Luo has a new english shop that makes ordering easy.

Luo messaged me tonight with the link to her new Aliexpress shop, Chinabjd Shop. She’s got a lot of dolls available, but definitely does not have all her dolls listed in her new shop. If there is one you’re looking for and don’t see it posted, just send her an email or get her on Skype.

Here’s how you can reach Luo:

  • skype:chinabjd
  • msn/email:zhongshe8@hotmail.com
  • msn/email:chinabjd998@hotmail.com
  • taobao shop link: http://luoligui.taobao.com/
  • qq:835638681
  • facebook:luoligui@qq.com

Those are the contact methods Luo gave me. I usually contact her through skype – it’s much faster, and doesn’t get lost in a spam folder, or swallowed up in her email inbox.

Here is her Facebook Page BJD Sell Shop, LuoLiguiBJD – I haven’t tried to order from her through facebook, but I’ve heard some have done so without issue.

The last items I purchased from Luo, I was very impressed with the thickness of the resin. We haven’t seen as many reports of thin resin like we’d seen for a while. I’ve always been happy with their quality, and usually the speed that things are made and shipped has almost always been a definite perk.

ETA: I am not an agent or a representative for Luo (or any recasters). I do not get any compensation by providing information about recast.

There are many reasons why buying recast is feasible… from modding to sewing or other crafting needs, to just stepping into the hobby, or trying out a hybrid. Your reasons are your own and you shouldn’t have to explain them to anyone. The only time disclosing a bjd as recast would be when selling it – to sell a recast as a legit would be a legal issue.

Recast Community Growing

March 6, 2013

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How to Shop Taobao for bjd clothes

January 30, 2013

Our resident Taobao ‘expert’ Issy Fawcett, was always being asked how she shopped Taobao. Some of the ‘hauls’ she was posting to us, left us all in envy of her shopping savvy.  She has graciously given her permission to post her instructions on ResinMuse.  Issy is one of our helpful admins on Recast BJD Haven, […]

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Recast Friendly

July 26, 2012

Recently there has been a lot going around about Recast bjds.  Many forums and groups don’t like them and will ban those who share pics of recast dolls. So where do you go to discuss them? Try CastawayDolls – they’re a new forum, recast friendly as well as other dolls, like Blythe, Pullip, Monster High, and […]

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