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Faceup Artists, Recast Price List, Acronyms

August 27, 2013 19:20 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

Recently we started Featuring Recast-Friendly Faceup Artist Interviews on Recast BJD Haven. One of the big questions I receive, is ‘who does faceups for recasts?’. We have running lists on both the Haven and the Underground facebook groups.. But we decided to start doing interviews and featuring some of our favorites. They are located all over the world, so over time, you should be able to find someone in your general area.

Steven and Luo’s Price list has been updated. They’ve received several new dolls, so it’s worth checking out to see if they now have a doll that’s been on your ‘want list’. Remember, the dolls they have are not company dolls. They are just recast copies.

I have been waiting months to get this list up for everyone. When a new person joins the bjd hobby, they can find themselves swimming in a pool of abbreviations and acronyms – and we sometimes forget what that’s like. So, when your friend joins the hobby and wants to know what things mean – send them to our BJD Abbreviations | Acronyms page and tell them to bookmark it. They’ll be glad to have it for easy referencing.

Most recently added to the Haven website, is a full list spreadsheet with all available recast dolls and who has them. Thanks goes to Anne for putting together and continuing to maintain this growing list: Full List of Recast Available Dolls

Here on ResinMuse, we have Recast Little Ante, NP, made by S/L up for adoption. She is looking for a new home and ready to travel.

I recently received my Legit Fairyland Minifee Moe line Rix.. she’s adorable. I love the body! Ashley has three m-line mnf, two legit, and one recast.. Normal, S/L tan, and FL tan.. gorgeous, every one.


Future Postings: Looking for tutorials with photos. If you have a tutorial, or would like to write one up, and you’d like to be featured on Recast BJD Haven, please Contact Me.

Souldoll Shaun – Updated

May 31, 2013 20:35 pm · 3 comments

by ResinMuse

Souldoll Kid Shaun - FS

Souldoll Kid Shaun – FS

He’s back on the market.. looking for a new home.

Shaun has found a new home.  :)  

He is a Soulkid Shaun, NS, 45cm – on the double jointed body – not the NL (47cm) body.

He has been hot glue suede to help with posing.

His faceup is by Ban Sidhe.  The cost of the faceup is not a factor on his price. The new owner is, of course, welcome to wipe him..
His face has been wiped clean. It’s clean, washed and ready for a new faceup.

He fits msd clothes and shoes and size 6/7 wigs.

I have his box, but it’s really large (72cm long) and, I’m afraid, will add quite a bit to his shipping cost.  If the buyer wants the Souldoll box, we can discuss added shipping costs.  I could possibly fold the top part of the box (it’s very thin cardboard) and ship it with him.

He comes with a fur wig from Souldoll (it was a gift, I never bothered to style or use it), his eyes, a compact of makeup, some elastic and his Souldoll certificate of authenticity.


Souldoll – balance, one foot

$275 Shipped Domestic (without Souldoll box*)

$300 Shipped International (without Souldoll box*)

Price from Souldoll is $304, plus shipping
— I want to rehome this boy.  I’m willing to negotiate.  


I will sell head ($75) and body ($200) separately – Buyer to pay shipping costs.


I will consider partial trades for SD 13 and Sdgr casual girls clothes.
May consider other trades, particularly Fairyland.

Contact me here, through Flickr or Facebook.

*On Shipping – I will ship in a smaller box. If you want him shipped in his Souldoll box, we can discuss added shipping costs.


double joint body – not the NL body


with minifee



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