Minifee Moe Line – Resin Colors

August 24, 2013 13:59 pm · 3 comments

by ResinMuse

I love my Fairyland Minifee Moe line her. She is definitely a favorite.

Ashley has 3 of them (envy!).

Fairyland Normal, S/L Tan (r), FL Tan

Fairyland Normal, S/L Tan (r), FL Tan

The normal resin on left and the dark tan on right are both legit dolls from Fairyland. The m-line girl in the middle is a recast in Steven and Luo’s tan resin. They are all gorgeous colors.

Photo courtesy of ALynnRucker.

Difference Between Recast and Company BJD

March 11, 2013 0:36 am · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

I sent the following to an email group a few weeks ago, in order to give some suggestions on how to tell a recast from a legit. There are certainly ways around some of these things, and this isn’t a full list of ‘how to tell’ nor is it a certainty if you have any of these things, that your doll is a recast.

Typically there are small details that will be a clue-in. This does not apply to all recast companies, but generally the insides of the doll will be very ‘rough’, in that it’s not usually sanded very nicely.. and may still contain some flashing – possibly on the outside of the doll (between fingers or toes, in eyes – this can happen with a company doll too, but you’re probably less likely to see it.

Usually the recast dolls are a bit smaller than company dolls (referred to as “shrinkage”).

Some may not have the magnets in the correct spot – for example a couple recast companies don’t remove the magnets from a littlefee body (in the back) before casting, so those spots for magnets will be filled in with resin. This does *not* apply to all recast dolls.

Some dolls will have very thin spots in areas, some prone to easy breakage.

Some dolls may be strung very oddly.. and there are varying ways this is done. Littlefee and pukifee are strung in a traditional way, not the way Fairyland puts them together (3 different stringings). While other dolls maybe have a U-hook or eye-hook and the elastic might be strung directly through the loop, rather than attached with an S hook (so restringing might require elastic being cut to get the doll apart).

It’s also good to know that not all dolls are recast. I recently saw a forum where concern was high for a little choco puki sugar.. but no recasters, to my knowledge, have a sugar pukipuki. So, if you’re concerned about a specific doll, you can inquire about recast options for that doll. In the choco puki concern, the new owner was able to trace the doll back to the original owner and pics verifying she was, in fact, legit.

Regarding Buying/Selling:

Another thing, when you are buying from the second hand market, don’t buy any that seem suspect. Doll boxes, and pillows are not part of the replication process (yet anyway).. ASK for history on the doll.

When I sell a doll, I keep the receipt of purchase and I always keep the boxes they come in… Anyone buying a doll from me can verify from the company or from an agent. SO, keep your doll history, don’t throw it away thinking it’s not a big deal. It is, or can be.

You can also take a video or photo set of the doll opening, from the company shipping box, the doll box and the unwrapping. The more you document your company doll, the better protected you are in the case of reselling.

In regards to keeping paperwork. Some recasters are making certificates for some dolls, as well as the metal plate that comes on some dolls. And, unfortunately, not all companies provide COA. My doll chateau doll did not, none of the fairyland I’ve owned have ever come with one. There are other dolls I’ve owned that didn’t have one either. I think some people assume all doll companies provide these and they do not.

Something I’ve been informed of recently, recast dolls containing the metal company head plate are the ones that are considered counterfeit and fall under China’s copyright laws. Dolls without the metal name plate or are otherwise unsigned, are considered knock-offs and are legal.

Do you have other information on detecting a Recast from a Company doll? The more we all know, the less likely we are to see recast dolls being passed off as company doll. None of us want to see this happening (and in our recast communities, it’s an automatic Banning).

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