Minifee Moe Line – Resin Colors

August 24, 2013 13:59 pm · 3 comments

by ResinMuse

I love my Fairyland Minifee Moe line her. She is definitely a favorite.

Ashley has 3 of them (envy!).

Fairyland Normal, S/L Tan (r), FL Tan

Fairyland Normal, S/L Tan (r), FL Tan

The normal resin on left and the dark tan on right are both legit dolls from Fairyland. The m-line girl in the middle is a recast in Steven and Luo’s tan resin. They are all gorgeous colors.

Photo courtesy of ALynnRucker.

Printable Book Covers – MSD / Slim Mini Size

February 8, 2013 4:40 am · 2 comments

by ResinMuse

These books are made to be the equivalent size as a hard cover book for humans.  They are 2″ or 2.2″ tall and work well with msd, slim mini bjd or fashion / 16″ dolls.  Might work as a ‘paperback’ size for 1/3 dolls.

I recommend printing on heavier weight paper (rather than regular printer paper). I am using 67# weight.

Sheet one – gif
Sheet one – pdf

Sheet two – gif
Sheet two – pdf

Sheet three – gif
Sheet three – pdf

Sheet four – gif
Sheet four – pdf

Sheet five – gif
Sheet five – pdf

Sheet six – gif
Sheet six – pdf

Sheet seven – gif
Sheet seven – pdf

I also had these on flickr, but my other flickr account was deleted (by flickr, for sales, against tos).. I will get them added back soon.

Want books that have smaller sized covers?
Try these for barbie, 11 or 12 inch sized dolls.

Printable mini books – tiny bjd size

February 8, 2013

Sized for 1/6th size dolls or as paperback size for 1/4 (msd / slim mini). I recommend printing on heavier weight paper (rather than regular printer paper). I am using 67# weight. Sheet one – 11 books – gif Sheet one – 11 books – pdf Sheet two – 19 books – gif Sheet two – 19 […]

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How to Shop Taobao for bjd clothes

January 30, 2013

Our resident Taobao ‘expert’ Issy Fawcett, was always being asked how she shopped Taobao. Some of the ‘hauls’ she was posting to us, left us all in envy of her shopping savvy.  She has graciously given her permission to post her instructions on ResinMuse.  Issy is one of our helpful admins on Recast BJD Haven, […]

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bjd Interactive Comparisons

August 14, 2012

People are always asking for comparisons of different dolls. I came across a nice program with many, many dolls.. with more dolls being added over time. I found a really nice website with many, many dolls, called Comparison Heaven. It’s an interactive site where you can check to see how much bigger an MSD is […]

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