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My Bear Gemma … and my Brother

April 22, 2012 1:00 am · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

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Harper plays with her bear, while Liadan tickles Dills piggies. Harper tells Liadan how much Dill likes her bear, Gemma. Liadan suggests Harper might want to write a story about it.

Harper thinks that sounds like fun… so I dug out some paper and a small pencil for her.. and left her to her thoughts.

Harper's writings...

Gemma bear, an adorable little pink bear, was a gift from a friend. Harper takes Gemma with her everywhere… she sat on the couch next to her while she wrote the story. Dill plays with his elephant and his blocks on the floor.

Rereading her story

“My Bear Gemma by Harper
I love my bear. Her name is Gemma. Aunt Lee gave her to me.

Gemma and I play with my brother Dill. Dill told Aunt Lee he wants a bear too.

He wants a purple bear.

Silly Dill.

The End “

My Bear Gemma Story

Harper enjoyed writing her story. She plans to write more about her bear Gemma. Gemma is a miniature bear custom made by Shannon’s Lil Critters. Shannon does amazing work.

Gemma Bear

Little baby Dill

April 19, 2012 22:02 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

Baby Dill - Dalang, Nappy choo

Little Dill brought his elephant outdoors to play today. Sadly, he was dropped and we couldn’t find him.

Dill was feeling sad. When he finally calmed down some, still having his hic’cuping noises, he looked over and smiled at me. He’s such a sweet boy. Even when he’s sad, he wasn’t going to be mad.

A little while later, Harper came over to sit with him and rub his back. She’s is so good with her little brother.

Getting back rubs

We looked a bit longer before giving up and going back inside.

Miniature Baby Blanket for Dalang

December 19, 2011

Excited! I ordered a Dalang – this is a sweet little resin (bjd tiny) baby by Soom, under Nappy Choo. I thought at first I wanted a Nappy Choo… this little pudge of a baby is just so sweet. But then, I saw a few owner pictures of Dalang and just fell in love with […]

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