27cm obitsu body (gone)

June 25, 2012 20:53 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

This girl is gone. She’s moved to Spain.

An extra on my list for sale / adoption is a 27cm (she measures 25cm to the neck) obitsu body, magnetic feet.  She is missing her neck piece but the little screw is still there and showing.
obitsu 27cm FS/FA

She’s got the soft bust and is normal skin. As stated, she is 25cm to her neck.. She will make a good parts doll, or new owner can replace her neck piece and she’ll be ready for a head.

I’ve had her a couple of years and she’s not in new condition.

Asking $15 with FREE SHIPPING in U.S.

Dal and Byul – Gone

June 25, 2012 20:48 pm · 6 comments

by ResinMuse

Dal has found a new home and is moving to Spain. Byul still looking for a new home.

This is my 3rd post for Dal and Byul. They really, really need new homes.

I’ve removed them each from their box and taken new pictures – I am figuring most people have little use for their boxes and that’s what is causing the shipping price to bump up so much more. So I’ll ship without the box. If you want the box, I’ve got it, but we’ll have to work out something for shipping..

Ok, so without the boxes, I’ll offer FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING – including international.

I really want these girls out… They’re like teenagers, taking up spacing and not helping around the house.

They each have their full sets.

Byul Pullon — $70 – Free shipping… In checking prices, I’m finding her for $78 – $118, not including shipping.. so this is a good deal.

Byul is ready to go.
Byul Pollon FA/FS

Dal Lizbel  — $70… in checking her prices, I’m finding them a bit higher than Byul..


Here’s what you need to know about Dal:

  • Her wig has been removed, so it’s not attached. It’s in perfect condition though.
  • Her arms are missing – she’s using an obitsu 23cm dolls arms.
  • The obitsu doll comes with Dal – she’s armless and has a broken neck piece, but should be fixable if the new owner wants to bother – I had intended to move Dal’s head to the obitsu body.

Dal Lizbel FS/FA

Obitsu body included with Dal:
obitsu 23cm

Dal Lizbel & Byul Pollon For Sale

January 13, 2012
Thumbnail image for Dal Lizbel & Byul Pollon For Sale

Update: June 25, 2012 – UPDATED SALES POST These girls are ready to travel. They are looking for new sites to see, new people to meet, friends to make… maybe a romance is in their future. Here’s an updated post on these Dal and Byul. Dal Lizbel (arms are from obitsu) 75/+ship SOLD Byul Pollon […]

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