Recast Littlefee Lewi

March 30, 2013 14:56 pm · 1 comment

by ResinMuse

Recast littlefee Lewi

Recast littlefee Lewi

I rehomed my littlefee Rolly last year.. and my tan recast Luna.  I’ve decided I don’t really like the tan resin for myself.  I think the color is gorgeous, I love many other peoples tan ball jointed dolls, company or recast.. but I just don’t love it for myself.

I realized though, that I do miss having the littlefee size.  It’s a fun size.  Easy to handle, easy to take places, a fun size for some miniature, tiny toys, not so difficult to clothes and nothing is too terrible expensive for them.

So I went on the hunt to add a littlefee back to my [ever changing] doll family.

I really love some of the newer Littlefee Fairyland has released..  Reni has a sweet smile and smiling eyes, but I’m not sure I would want an ever happy bjd.  Lisa is cute, but I’m not fond of the down-turned mouths. Chloe.. dear chloe.. she is on my want list, but it’s hard to pay $300 on a doll just for myself – eventually, I will get her, I know.

Speaking of so much money for a doll, I did order a Real Puki Soso for my mother-in-law – legit.

I love Rachel’s (she was my first littlefee), and custom Chiwoo, dark elf Soo, and Leah.. but because I wanted recast, and my choices are limited to Ante, Luna, El, Flora, Bisou and Lewi.. I chose Lewi.  Ante’s are adorable, but another one I seem unable to hold on to, I don’t care for Luna or El’s mouths, Flora and Bisou are both too childlike for my tastes.. so Lewi.. I was iffy on Lewi when it first came out, but have since grown to love the face – custom faceups are adorable.

I ordered her on March 21st, she was shipped on March 23rd, released from Customs March 29th and arrived at my house this afternoon, March 30th.   Total of 10 days from order to in-hand.  I like that.

I ordered her from Luo.  Luo gave me her tracking number with no questioning on my part.  Her resin is nice and smooth.  Her face plate doesn’t want to stay on, but that’s easily dealt with; her hip pieces fit well, but aren’t perfectly sized with the upper thigh – this is only noticeable with the legs are turned awkwardly.  Both wrist magnets look slightly thin on one side, but look sturdy and should be no issue under normal play. As is typical of littlefee from S/L, she is strung incorrectly, but her hip ‘clicky’ parts were in a small baggie, taped to her chest.  She’ll be restrung this afternoon. I look forward to playing with her faceup, planning to do something very very simple and natural.

I thought she would get to be an “after Easter” gift.. but no, she gets to spend Easter with her new family.

Littlefee Rolly For Adoption – SOLD

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by ResinMuse

Littlefee Rolly - new faceup

Rolly is SOLD (layaway).

Littlefee Rolly – my girl, Harper, is looking to move on to a new home.  She recently came home from the spa with a new faceup (done by Rust on DOA).

I purchased her last year (2011) from DDE, opened her in December.  Her Storybook Box has been stored in a cabinet.

Asking $300 shipped in the USA… International, we can discuss shipping options (maybe we could split EMS shipping).

Because I am recast friendly, I understand some would be hesitant to purchase from me.  Below is a picture of the magnets inside her back (recast dolls have the magnet spots filled in with resin).
Magnets inside littlefee

Rolly with her story book box and the post cards and littlefee instructions:
Littlefee Rolly


April 21, 2012
Thumbnail image for Harper

Harper (littlefee Rolly) More pictures of Harper.

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Little baby Dill

April 19, 2012
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Little Dill brought his elephant outdoors to play today. Sadly, he was dropped and we couldn’t find him. Dill was feeling sad. When he finally calmed down some, still having his hic’cuping noises, he looked over and smiled at me. He’s such a sweet boy. Even when he’s sad, he wasn’t going to be mad. […]

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