Recast Littlefee Ante – SOLD

August 24, 2013 22:01 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

This doll belongs to a friend.  She ordered a pukifee ante, and got a littlefee instead… so she needs a new home.

She is from recasters Steven / Luo, in normal pink.  She is strung traditional style (aka, not in FL fashion), but has her clicky parts.

Asking $110, shipped in the U.S.  Ante has Sold.

Will trade for pukifee ante recast (sleeping) in normal pink.

If you’re interested, or have more questions, please comment here, or Contact Me.

Not sure what all the abbreviations and acronyms mean? Check out our page on Recast BJD Haven Abbreviations and Acronyms.. it’ll help!

Recast Leekeworld Art Body Minifee Hybrid

May 15, 2013 20:52 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

This is a FEELER. This girl has found a new home. :)

I have been considering rehoming my hybrid Bailey. Here are her details:

She is a recast from Steven and Luo.
Her lower torso and legs are from the leekeworld art body. These are normal pink.
Her feet, ankles, bust, arms, wrists/hands and head are from minifee. These are normal yellow.

She also has the minifee heeled feet and can stand in them. She looks very “Pin-up Girl” in them.  ;)

It’s really not very easy to see the difference in the resin colors, but it is there.

Her faceup was done by someone semi-local to me. It’s pretty, but does not have the upper eye lashes.

Her body has been blushed, but it’s chipped in some places.  There are also some light scuff marks in some places. All of these should come off if the body blushing is removed.

I will include many of the items of clothing I’ve gathered or made for her (Two photos of clothes laid out).

Clothing items include 2 hand knit, OOAK sweaters (by me), 1 skirt (Sunny’s World), 7 pairs of pants (from MonstroDesign) and maybe the long blond wig.

When I bought her, I had to buy 2 dolls to make her hybrid (and a lot of hassles to make her finished).  You can probably order the hybrid from Steven, but so far I only know of people getting the different head and minifee arms/hands.

I will take offers and if the interest isn’t so great, I’ll just keep her – I’m not sure I want to go through the hassles I did in the first place to make another one, should I decide to.  Offers  should include her, the clothes in the picture and, if interested, the long blond monique gold wig.

My girl has been rehomed, but I can give you info on how to get your own. If you have questions, let me know.  CONTACT ME

PukiPuki Madeleine For Adoption

January 14, 2012
Thumbnail image for PukiPuki Madeleine For Adoption

Madeleine has Gone to her new home. Sweet little puki girl didn’t have to wait long. She’s found a home with other pukis and pukifees. I think she will be quite happy. Madeleine is feeling neglected. Poor girl. She’s ready to go to a home where she’ll get more attention, even if she has to […]

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