Souldoll Soul-Bebe Gray

June 29, 2013 19:30 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse


Souldoll Bebe Gray

A BJD dog, by Souldoll.

He has been sold out for quite a while.  You rarely, if ever, see this bjd available on the second hand market.  It would make a great addition to doll collections who like pets for their dolls that look like pets, rather than anthro.

A petition has been started to ask the company to re-release Gray.  If you’re even remotely interested, consider signing. In no way does it obligate you to buy one, should the company actually release it again.

Eyes : 8 mm
Height : 25 cm
Body length(Except to a tail) : 18 cm


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Souldoll Shaun – Updated

May 31, 2013 20:35 pm · 3 comments

by ResinMuse

Souldoll Kid Shaun - FS

Souldoll Kid Shaun – FS

He’s back on the market.. looking for a new home.

Shaun has found a new home.  :)  

He is a Soulkid Shaun, NS, 45cm – on the double jointed body – not the NL (47cm) body.

He has been hot glue suede to help with posing.

His faceup is by Ban Sidhe.  The cost of the faceup is not a factor on his price. The new owner is, of course, welcome to wipe him..
His face has been wiped clean. It’s clean, washed and ready for a new faceup.

He fits msd clothes and shoes and size 6/7 wigs.

I have his box, but it’s really large (72cm long) and, I’m afraid, will add quite a bit to his shipping cost.  If the buyer wants the Souldoll box, we can discuss added shipping costs.  I could possibly fold the top part of the box (it’s very thin cardboard) and ship it with him.

He comes with a fur wig from Souldoll (it was a gift, I never bothered to style or use it), his eyes, a compact of makeup, some elastic and his Souldoll certificate of authenticity.


Souldoll – balance, one foot

$275 Shipped Domestic (without Souldoll box*)

$300 Shipped International (without Souldoll box*)

Price from Souldoll is $304, plus shipping
— I want to rehome this boy.  I’m willing to negotiate.  


I will sell head ($75) and body ($200) separately – Buyer to pay shipping costs.


I will consider partial trades for SD 13 and Sdgr casual girls clothes.
May consider other trades, particularly Fairyland.

Contact me here, through Flickr or Facebook.

*On Shipping – I will ship in a smaller box. If you want him shipped in his Souldoll box, we can discuss added shipping costs.


double joint body – not the NL body


with minifee



Souldoll Kid Shaun Ordered

March 30, 2012

In early February, I ordered a normal skin Soul-Kid Shaun. I missed out on the sandy brown.. darn.. but, really, it’s ok. I got him in the normal body, as he’ll be a “partner” to my minifee girl.. I was afraid the NL body would be too tall for her. I’ve always liked the Soul-Kid boys.. I’ve […]

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