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August 14, 2012 14:57 pm · 0 comments

by ResinMuse

People are always asking for comparisons of different dolls. I came across a nice program with many, many dolls.. with more dolls being added over time.

I found a really nice website with many, many dolls, called Comparison Heaven. It’s an interactive site where you can check to see how much bigger an MSD is to a YOSD, or a YOSD to an SD.. or compare several of the same sizes.

Here’s how to use it.

On the home page, click the “Comparison” link:

Click on Comparison

Click on Add Dolls:

Click Add Dolls

Now a long list of dolls will show up. Use the legend at the top to determine size. On the right, you’ll see Front, Side, etc, to show position of the doll in the picture.

Legend and Dolls

Add a couple dolls, or several, when they show up on the grid, they will all be layered on top of each other. just use your mouse to position them on the bottom.

Dolls chosen are layered on one another.

Now that they are are spread out.. if you there is one you want to remove, just double click it and it will disappear.

Double Click to Delete

In the “Add Doll” option, if you click the ‘!’ exclamation point at the far right, a new page will open showing that doll and all of it’s positions.

It’s a fun comparison table. I’m impressed with how many dolls are available. Have fun!

Waiting on a Tan Littlefee Luna

July 14, 2012 19:35 pm · 2 comments

by ResinMuse

Tan Littlefee Luna Recast

Tan Littlefee Luna Recast
She’s here!


I finally got ahead on my doll monies and ordered a Tan Little Luna (so she’ll look nothing like the picture above – but I’ll get pics to replace this one once I’ve got her in hand). I’d hoped to order both her and a tan pukifee luna – but decided that it would be too much, since I have no clothes for a pukifee .

Where to find a tan littlefee – well, Fairyland doesn’t sell them (at least not at this time – I’ve heard said the tan resin is unpredictable and they don’t like to use it). I am not at all comfortable with the idea of home dying a doll that costs $300 – and I don’t care much for the home tanned dolls anyway. However, I have no qualms (contrary to many) of buying a recast and have it made in tan. So, that’s what I did. I’m very excited for her arrival.

I ordered a wig for her, but the 6/7 is too big, so I’ve ordered a 5/6 and expect to have to work it on to her head – I’d rather it be snug than loose.

Thinking ahead a couple of months ago, I placed an order with Spampy and my luna has a purple dress and capris to wear when she gets home.

She might get the name Maleah…

Petite Modigli 2.2

June 17, 2012
image by Lady SleepsAlot

I put a iMda Petite Modigli 2.2 by Soom Neo-AngelRegion sweetie on layaway the first of June. I have had a 20cm doll on my wishlist for a while, so I’m really excited to get this little one.. I have chatted with another petite modigli owner who first described her modigli 2.2 as a little […]

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April 21, 2012
Thumbnail image for Harper

Harper (littlefee Rolly) More pictures of Harper.

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Sewing for your Littlefee

November 2, 2011

It’s always nice to have sewing patterns for your dolls.  These patterns are specifically for Littlefee, or other dolls in this size range – 25cm to 27cm. By Bloo Frog on Livejournal – A two options pattern for littlefee and other dolls of this size range (25cm – 27cm).  Smock A & B and Bloomers A & […]

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